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Safety in car parks and parking garages

Parking monitoring and management

Space is in short supply in German cities - that's probably in the nature of things. Unfortunately, parking spaces are also often in short supply. But that doesn't have to be the case: Third-party parkers use your parking spaces for a little stroll through the city, although these should of course be reserved for your customers and visitors. Also unpleasant: Your customers and visitors feel insecure about parking, for example because they fear damage to their vehicles or because they do not want to cross the parking garage alone and in the dark.

The remedy is professional parking surveillance and management by Dehler Security. Our employees ensure that only those who are allowed to use your parking space do so. In addition, we direct traffic sensibly, check that vehicles are parked correctly, and prevent damage, hit-and-run accidents and theft.

Highly specialised staff

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link - we know that and rely exclusively on highly specialized, reliable employees.

On-call service

Security knows no office hours. Our mobile security workers respond to alarms and also come on call.

Happy visitors

Only safe visitors are also happy visitors. We make sure of that - from village festivals to major concerts.

Safe on the road

Our bodyguards are always discreet, but still recognize and stop moments of danger before they arise.

Individual concepts

We work out our event and personal protection as well as guarding concepts individually according to the given situation.

State-of-the-art technology

In the area of securing and monitoring objects and events, we rely on the latest technology, from drone flights to networked detection systems.

Close monitoring of parking spaces

Control of parked vehicles

Parking spaces are scarce in cities - which is why people are only too happy to resort to unauthorized private parking when there is a shortage of parking space. We put an end to this: our security staff constantly check whether the vehicles parked in your parking spaces should be there at all - and notify the towing service if this is not the case. You do not have to worry about anything else. If someone parks his vehicle illegally at your site and has to be towed away, our employees are of course also prepared for any reactions of the vehicle owner and can have a de-escalating effect on him.

For a better sense of security

How your customers find their way back to the parking lot safely

In the evening alone through an unknown parking garage back to the car, maybe even in a strange area - you can get a queasy feeling. However, this does not happen to our security staff, which is why they are happy to accompany your customers and guests to your vehicle. Because only those who feel safe will be happy to come back.

Paint damage and dents adé

Protection against property damage and hit-and-run drivers

"The car is the German's favorite child" says a proverb in this country. And even if this is certainly a bit of an exaggeration, no one likes to return to a damaged car after a shopping spree. Especially not if the person who caused the damage has managed to stealthily make off in the meantime. We keep an eye on it for you and prevent property damage and hit-and-run accidents.

Parking surveillance from Dehler Security

We protect your values - professionally, reliably, discreetly.

When it comes to the security of buildings, production facilities, construction sites and residential areas, nothing should be left to chance. So it's good to rely on real experts when it comes to security. Well thought-out concepts, highly trained, reliable employees and state-of-the-art security technologies - in short: full service in the area of property protection. Contact us now and we will advise you without obligation!

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