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Safe, clean city centres and shopping arcades

City patrol and precinct control

There are many starting points for a city patrol in the public space with a wide range of individual security services. However, all of them are aimed at one purpose: to make life in our city centers safer, cleaner, calmer - simply more livable.

Our security staff target violent criminals, vandals, thieves, polluters and nocturnal disturbers of the peace in pedestrian zones, shopping streets and inner-city areas - thus relieving the local police and regulatory authorities, improving the sense of security in public spaces and reducing the number of thefts, assaults and acts of violence.

Highly specialised staff

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link - we know that and rely exclusively on highly specialized, reliable employees.

On-call service

Security knows no office hours. Our mobile security workers respond to alarms and also come on call.

Happy visitors

Only safe visitors are also happy visitors. We make sure of that - from village festivals to major concerts.

Safe on the road

Our bodyguards are always discreet, but still recognize and stop moments of danger before they arise.

Individual concepts

We work out our event and personal protection as well as guarding concepts individually according to the given situation.

State-of-the-art technology

In the area of securing and monitoring objects and events, we rely on the latest technology, from drone flights to networked detection systems.

Improved sense of security through presence

Strips in inner city areas

The mere presence of our security staff in places of public life will decisively improve the sense of security of the passers-by present. Of course, our employees are not just there to watch: No dispute escapes the watchful gaze of our city patrols; rather, every dangerous situation is anticipated as best as possible, de-escalated and resolved as non-violently as possible. If our security staff witnesses criminal acts (drug trafficking, environmental pollution, etc.), they will of course inform the police and regulatory authorities immediately and by the shortest route.

Safe at all times, even at events

Event protection for city festivals & Co.

Our security staff is at your disposal in the city not only with regular patrols: You can also rely on Dehler Security for the protection of events in urban areas, for example at city festivals or fairs. From entrance control and ID checks to the creation of entire security concepts, we are the right partner for you.

City patrol from Dehler Security

We protect your values - professionally, reliably, discreetly.

When it comes to the security of buildings, production facilities, construction sites and residential areas, nothing should be left to chance. So it's good to rely on real experts when it comes to security. Well thought-out concepts, highly trained, reliable employees and state-of-the-art security technologies - in short: full service in the area of property protection. Contact us now and we will advise you without obligation!

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For safe city centres and visitors who feel comfortable

Our services in precinct control and city patrols

  • Patrols
  • patrols and inspections
  • Stand guard
  • entry and exit control
  • ID determination
  • First responders
  • Securing escape and emergency routes
  • Vulnerability analysis and security concepts
  • Security technology