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Personal bodyguards and bodyguards

Personal & escort protection with Dehler Security

The circle of persons who need temporary or permanent effective personal protection is larger than one might think at first: board members and managing directors, politicians and politically active persons, wealthy private persons, public figures but also persons suffering from stalking often need a bodyguard. Dehler Security is the right contact for this.

The professional bodyguards of Dehler Security guarantee the security of protected persons. The big challenge that separates the wheat from the chaff here is the balance between discretion and readiness for action. A professional bodyguard stays discreetly in the background as long as he is not needed, but at the same time he is always ready to take control of the situation within fractions of a second and to clear all kinds of dangers out of the way. The protected person must trust his bodyguard and be able to completely rely on his protection even in exceptional situations - this is the foundation on which effective and professional personal protection is based. The fact that our professional bodyguards lay exactly this foundation is a matter of honor for us.

Reliable, discreet and fast

Indirect or direct personal protection?

In personal protection, a general distinction is made between indirect and direct personal protection. Usually we recommend our customers and interested parties a combination of both types of personal protection in order to achieve the greatest possible security - in special cases, however, direct personal protection is also sufficient. We are happy to explain the difference here.

An overview

Our personal protection services

Personal escort

While personal protection usually refers to indirect personal protection, escort protection revolves around the occasion-related protection of a protected person.

Infos: Personal escort

Chaffeur services

Reaching your destination quickly - but also safely: Our chauffeurs with a security background ensure that this works for you.

Infos: Chaffeur services

Protection of children and young people

With special empathy and a lot of understanding, we also take care of the protection of children and young people who are at risk or socially conspicuous.

Infos: Protection of children and young people

VIP personal protection

We bring the artist safely from the airport to the hotel - and also from there to the stage and back again.

Infos: VIP personal protection

Personal security from Dehler Security

Measures for personal protection - loyal, experienced, discreet.

Health is the highest good, they say - and safety is one of the most important prerequisites for it. When it comes to your own safety or the safety of loved ones, you should leave nothing to chance. We are happy to help you with this.

The unconditional loyalty, maximum professionalism and utmost discretion of our security staff are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Of course, this also applies to the area of personal protection - whether you need a bodyguard for long-term protection or a one-time escort: Dehler Security is the right partner for that.

Let us prove it to you - we will be happy to advise you without any obligation!

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Our most popular services in personal protection

With these services, you can get anywhere safely.

  • Armed personal protection
  • Escort protection (e.g. at court)
  • Transport protection (e.g. transport of valuables)
  • VIP protection
  • Chauffeur services
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