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For a carefree event and healthy guests

Creation and enforcement of protection and hygiene concepts

The ongoing Corona pandemic is not only making life difficult for private individuals: event organizers and traders are currently having to go through periods of great uncertainty, during which it is often not clear whether, when and to what extent hygiene and protection requirements will change. This can lead to uncertainty among visitors and customers and to complete perplexity among event organizers.

The team of Dehler Security gladly takes care of the matter and puts an end to the perplexity and uncertainty. In accordance with the applicable regulations, we develop a tailor-made, effective protection and hygiene concept for you and your event, with which your guests will feel safe and will be happy to come back. When it comes to implementing this concept, you can of course also rely on us: We implement the hygiene and protection measures with the level of professionalism, friendliness and assertiveness you have come to expect from Dehler Security.

Highly specialised staff

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link - we know that and rely exclusively on highly specialized, reliable employees.

On-call service

Security knows no office hours. Our mobile security workers respond to alarms and also come on call.

Happy visitors

Only safe visitors are also happy visitors. We make sure of that - from village festivals to major concerts.

Safe on the road

Our bodyguards are always discreet, but still recognize and stop moments of danger before they arise.

Individual concepts

We work out our event and personal protection as well as guarding concepts individually according to the given situation.

State-of-the-art technology

In the area of securing and monitoring objects and events, we rely on the latest technology, from drone flights to networked detection systems.

Checking the 2G or 2G+ status

Admission controls in front of stores and events

We are happy to implement the applicable 2G regulation at the entrance to your business or event by conscientiously checking the vaccination or convalescent status as well as the visitors' identification documents. What happens at the entrance ultimately has an impact on the entire event: even the best protection concept is of little use if someone has cheated their way into the event at the entrance who really has no business being there.

Thermography and fever scanner

Temperature controls at the entrance and in the crowd

Close-meshed temperature checks represent an important step in the detection and containment of infections. Our security staff in event protection take care of this for you: By means of thermography, we can reliably detect fevers even in larger groups; temperature scanners at the entrance can also provide an even more precise, very fast result through individual checks.

We provide the necessary distance

Compliance with mandatory masks and distances

Even if all visitors to your event have already identified themselves as vaccinated, recovered or tested at the entrance, things can still go wrong at the actual event: Visitors who do not comply with the mask requirement or the distance rules unsettle other visitors and can pose a health hazard. To ensure that your event is remembered as a good one, we will of course be happy to implement these rules for you and, if you wish, we can also take care of the marking of paths, walking directions or the placement of distance markers.

Protection and hygiene concepts from Dehler Security

You want a safe event? We make sure of it.

The security experts at Dehler Security are there to take work off your hands: From the creation of protection, hygiene and emergency concepts to admission controls, VIP support and stage security to compliance with youth protection laws.

Full service in event protection - always professional, discreet and reliable. Contact us now and we will advise you without obligation!

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Safe measures in uncertain times.

Our services around protection and hygiene concepts

  • Creation of complete hygiene concepts
  • Admission controls and access control
  • Control of vaccination certificates and identification documents
  • Temperature measurements
  • Installation of signs, barriers and pictograms; route guidance
  • Control of compliance with masking requirements and distance regulations
  • Installation, maintenance and filling of disinfection dispensers