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Protection against accidents, vandalism and theft

Plant security for offices and production halls

Private and highly sensitive business documents, valuable machinery and globally unique production facilities: In offices and production halls up and down the country, there is plenty that needs to be protected. That's what our plant security team is here for.

It's not just about industrial espionage or other branches of white-collar crime - our security experts are also there to prevent break-ins, vandalism or non-compliance with health and safety regulations. In this way, we ensure that your production runs smoothly on a continuous basis.

Highly specialised staff

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link - we know that and rely exclusively on highly specialized, reliable employees.

On-call service

Security knows no office hours. Our mobile security workers respond to alarms and also come on call.

Happy visitors

Only safe visitors are also happy visitors. We make sure of that - from village festivals to major concerts.

Safe on the road

Our bodyguards are always discreet, but still recognize and stop moments of danger before they arise.

Individual concepts

We work out our event and personal protection as well as guarding concepts individually according to the given situation.

State-of-the-art technology

In the area of securing and monitoring objects and events, we rely on the latest technology, from drone flights to networked detection systems.

Safety for man and machine

Guarding of machinery and equipment

Production equipment not only costs a lot of money, it can also become very dangerous for the user or other employees on the factory floor if operated incorrectly. For the purpose of damage prevention, our employees are happy to monitor your machines and equipment and check compliance with work instructions and process-related procedures - for example, if temporary workers are employed in the company.

So that only those come in who are allowed

Access control technology

Whether digital solutions such as cards, chips and even biometric access control or classic mechanical solutions such as keys, turnstiles and the like: the options in the field of access control are diverse. The degree of protection required depends on many factors, such as the number of your employees, the existence of different levels of protection, and local conditions. We analyze the situation for you and decide together with you what makes sense - and what doesn't.

We ensure direct, short routes

Gatekeeper services and traffic control

With a gatekeeper service, you ensure that those who should not be allowed access to your factory premises or office complex do not get in in the first place. Our security experts do not simply provide the 'outer ring of fortresses', but are also happy to take over the reception of guests, customers, suppliers and employees, as well as traffic control on the company premises.

No more blocked emergency exits

Securing escape and rescue routes

Your employees don't always take things very seriously when it comes to occupational safety? Are escape routes or emergency exits sometimes blocked in the warehouse or on the factory floor? If personal injury should occur in such a case, you as the entrepreneur could be held responsible. We make sure that this is not necessary by securing and keeping escape and rescue routes clear.

Unsure where you can improve?

Vulnerability analysis

Sometimes it happens that you suspect weak points or security-relevant deficiencies in your own company - but cannot say exactly where they are. Fortunately, our strengths lie not only in mere deterrence: we analyze the status quo, find possible weak points and eliminate them.

Regular stripes

Constantly on the move for the safety of your production

Petty crooks and serious criminals don't call it a day - quite the opposite: when everything slowly quiets down in your production plant, burglars often only start their work. To ensure that they don't stand a chance and that you can sleep soundly at night, on weekends or holidays, we can carry out regular patrols on request - on foot and by car, in specific areas or across the entire plant site.

Plant security from Dehler Security

We protect your values - professionally, reliably, discreetly.

When it comes to the security of buildings, production facilities, construction sites and residential areas, nothing should be left to chance. So it's good to rely on real experts when it comes to security. Well thought-out concepts, highly trained, reliable employees and state-of-the-art security technologies - in short: full service in the area of property protection. Contact us now and we will advise you without obligation!

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For work that runs smoothly.

Our services in plant protection

  • Gate and reception services
  • Telephone services/central office
  • Personal and vehicle checks
  • patrols and inspections
  • Documentations
  • Monitoring of machines and equipment
  • Control of occupational health and safety
  • General guarding
  • Locking services/key management
  • Mailroom/house delivery services
  • Entry and exit control
  • ID ascertainment
  • Securing escape and emergency routes
  • Logistics/coordination
  • Supervision of security-relevant facilities
  • Vulnerability analysis
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