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Experienced in obtaining information

Economic and private detective agency

You have an uneasy suspicion or even an inner conviction, but you lack the evidence? You need answers to your questions and finally want certainty? We know this problem and are experts in giving you answers to these questions.

As an experienced, professional and, of course, discreet detective agency, we are just as experienced in the business sector as we are in private matters. Our services in the economic sector uncover, among other things, wage continuation fraud, expense fraud or white-collar crime such as product piracy, data theft or brand counterfeiting. In the private sector, we take care of suspected cases of infidelity, theft, sabotage, blackmail or alimony. We are also happy to take on the search for missing persons for you - even across national borders if necessary.

In such situations, it is usually a matter of particularly sensitive information and details, but don't worry: Of course, you can - as always - rely on the discretion of Detektei Dehler Security. Our trained detectives will bring light into the darkness, provide you with certainty and deliver evidence that can be used in court, for example in the form of video and photo recordings.

In case of suspicions in the partnership

Detection of infidelity and marriage fraud

You are afraid that your partner is cheating on you? Our private detectives will stand by you during this difficult time by bringing the truth to light for you. We know that this area is very sensitive and emotionally charged - and yet: there is no substitute for clarity, even if it can often be painful. And who knows: Maybe your suspicions were unfounded. We will find out for you.

Private and Business Detective Agency Dehler Security

We bring light into the darkness - clever, focused, patient.

Unpleasant fears and suspicions do not allow many people to sleep peacefully at night. If you are one of them, we would like to make an appeal to you: Even a sad certainty is usually healthier and more desirable than struggling with the same questions for months or years.

Our private and business detectives are happy to provide clarity. We investigate in all areas, from alimony or fidelity issues to the pursuit of product piracy or the investigation of expense fraud - always clever, focused and with the necessary amount of perseverance. You too can finally get certainty. We will be happy to advise you on our range of services without obligation.

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Our most popular detective agency services and areas of responsibility

Your concerns, discreetly kept in mind by us

  • Prosecution of suspicion of embezzlement,
  • solicitation through insider information,
  • industrial espionage,
  • investigation of expense fraud,
  • or theft by shrinkage of goods.
  • Prosecution of suspicion of embezzlement in a partnership,
  • in the case of child endangerment,
  • stalking,
  • in the case of alimony fraud
  • and much more.
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