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When emotions run riot again

Stadium security and steward services

At major sporting events, especially soccer matches, things tend to get emotional. And that's a good thing - as long as all fans abide by certain rules. However, this is not always the case: Hooligans and hooligans, pyrotechnics fanatics or thieves can turn even the most exciting sporting event into a nightmare.

To ensure that your major event remains pleasantly memorable for all visitors and players, we offer you complete security concepts in the area of stadium security: Because first impressions count, your visitors should already feel well looked after and safe at the entrance - this includes personal, bag or ID checks, and currently also the checking of documents for test, vaccination or convalescence proof.

Of course, our security staff also ensure security and order on the actual event site or in the stadium itself. For example, we provide stewarding and monitoring services, provide hazard prevention services, and secure escape and emergency routes.

Highly specialised staff

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link - we know that and rely exclusively on highly specialized, reliable employees.

On-call service

Security knows no office hours. Our mobile security workers respond to alarms and also come on call.

Happy visitors

Only safe visitors are also happy visitors. We make sure of that - from village festivals to major concerts.

Safe on the road

Our bodyguards are always discreet, but still recognize and stop moments of danger before they arise.

Individual concepts

We work out our event and personal protection as well as guarding concepts individually according to the given situation.

State-of-the-art technology

In the area of securing and monitoring objects and events, we rely on the latest technology, from drone flights to networked detection systems.

Crowd coordination and hazard prevention

Steward services for sports events

At some sporting events, the fan blocks of the home and visiting teams should at best not get too close to each other. And even in a homogeneous group of fans, there can be individual black sheep. As stewards, our security staff take care of defusing dangerous situations in a preventive manner, for example by separating groups from one another or searching for, finding, isolating and expelling individual troublemakers.

Prevent mass panic

Securing escape and emergency routes

In huge crowds, mass panic can quickly develop if the routing or spatial demarcation of different groups is unclear. In such a case, it is very difficult to bring the crowd back under control - unfortunately, this often results in injuries or even deaths. To prevent this from happening in the first place and to ensure that help is on the spot immediately in the event of an individual emergency, our employees secure all escape and emergency routes.

Stadium security from Dehler Security

We secure your event - experienced, vigilant, accurate.

The same still applies to events: Only happy visitors are happy to come back. We are happy to leave the design of the stage program to you - but when it comes to the security of the event, you should rely on professionals.

Our security experts will make your event one to remember. Whether it's smooth admission controls, VIP and guest services, youth protection controls or securing escape routes - or whether you need a complete full-service package including a security concept: We will be happy to advise you without any obligation!

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For a reliable defence - even off the pitch.

Our services around stadium security

  • Enforcement of hygiene requirements
  • Compliance with distance regulations
  • Stage security
  • Backstage security
  • VIP support
  • Reception of guests
  • Parking lot surveillance
  • Night security
  • Creation of an emergency concept
  • Youth protection
  • Admission control
  • Patrol