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Dehler Security
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Personal security

Your bodyguards in Siegen.

Safe in public thanks to bodyguards

To ensure the safety of a protectee.
Dehler Security Siegen recognises and prevents risks for the protectee. Prematurely stopping offences, and getting rid of all kinds of possible danger while still keeping everything discreet is a matter of course for our security service.

Hire a bodyguard

Extensive personal security in the Siegen area.

  • Individual security concept
  • Chauffeur service
  • Pre-emptive measures
  • Loyalty
  • Discretion
  • Exploration of surroundings
  • Intervention
  • Logistics

Protect yourself or your clients professionally with Dehler Security.

Whether it is about escorting a public persona or being a part of the event protection, appointed as personal security for the artists or VIPs, bodyguards have to be one thing especially: discreet. They are operating in the background or in close direct contact with the protectee. Only a loyal and professional bodyguard would pre-emptively take a step back from the limelight to make sure that he has the situation under control. Dehler Security bodyguards posess these qualities.

Trustworthy defenders.

Always on call & always on the spot.

If there is an acute threat, we can be on the spot immediately.
This availability is an extremely important part of personal security and starts and ends just where you set the borders.

We often receive inquiries from victims of stalking.
If you are also suffering from the criminal behaviour of others, keep in mind the fact that our staff can help you master the situation again. This is not about conveying a false sense of security, but taking an active role in making sure that you are actually safe.

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Secure from the hotel onto the stage.

He who stops getting better, has stopped being good.
Since the circumstances surrounding a task are always different, the security staff has to be able to react to known situations accordingly and – much more importantly – has to be able to relate to new situations drawing from their pool of experiences. We are a young security agency but we are not lacking experience. Know that we will only let professional bodyguards with the according training be by your side. Even without an actual mission going on, our staff will always stay fit, ready for action and on the forefront of knowledge through continuuos advanced training.

Experience is like a lantern on your back, it only lights the part of the way that you have already walked.

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