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Event protection

Events, concerts, fairs – secure in Siegen

Secure guests are happy guests

When it's about giving your visitors more than just a feeling of safety – which they will need to even consider coming back a second time – Dehler Security is the right choice for you. We know what it takes to make your visitors' safety "more than a feeling".

Event protection in Siegen

Siegens security service for events.

  • Stage protection
  • Backstage protection
  • VIP service
  • Welcoming guests
  • Parking lot supervision
  • Night watch
  • Creation of emergency concepts
  • Youth protection

What every security service should be able to do: Speak the language of the visitors.

Having young, athletic employees is nothing but an advantage in our line of work. We never lack mobility in property security services. You can rely on our trained reflexes for personal security. If Dehler Security is protecting an event for you, you will be working with staff that is able to understand and judge the visitors much better than comparable security service staff will be able to. We will make your guests love to return.

Prevention is everything.

Event protection with Dehler Security in Siegen

The schooled Dehler Security employees will conduct security checks, secure your property and guests, and will always be ready to prevent any kind of escalation with the highest grade of non-violence possible.

To make sure that the attendance at your event will not leave a bitter taste in your visitors' mouths, we will do everything in our power to not even let it get this far. We want to provide you an optimal level of safety, therefore we will establish detailled operation schedules together with you before every event, to make sure that you will be protected in any case.

veranstaltungsschutz Bewachung Industriegelände Sicherheitsdienst

Keeping your event in good memory.

With proper event protection, there are not only the obvious services that one will have to provide.
Negative experiences for your visitors will generate negative publicity for your event. Friends and family will immediately learn about things like possible assaults, thefts, pickpocketing and bullying, via social networks such as Facebook. Dehler Security knows that it is about more than just placing muscleheads around important areas of your event. Prevention? Yes please! Intimidating innocent guests? No thanks!
Our security personnel will welcome your visitors politely and kindly. Since it is always mainly about keeping a lovely night in good memories and since we know what we have to expect, we are your number one security service in Siegen. Support your local security service, so we can guide and support you to the best of our knowledge.

A nobleman should be thoughtful in his words, but all the more swift in his deeds.

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